“Who am I “ I ask myself.

 “ Who am I supposed to be? “ “Who do I think I am? “

 Yes I do ask myself all of those questions. Because one minute I can Ignore my feelings and go further, I can ignore my heart and feel stong and never look back, sometimes I’m a knife that goes directly to the goal, and most of times, I believe I’m a fighter… But other times feelings come, comeback, and they own the fight, they hurt, they comeback and make me suffer, people, memories, thoughts, ideas, words, they suddenly start to matter again, the people I thought I forgot cross my mind again, the feelings I’ve thrown away appear again, and the thoughts I deleted are back in a new way, the words I decided wouldn’t matter suddenly matter again ; and the pain inside of  me suddenly awakens …

So I start wondering whether I’m a stone or a broken stone?

 But now I wonder about another thing, would it really differ?