So um today I insisted on hanging out with some friends on an empty school hour that we had.

And to be honest, I don't regret it at all.

They took me to such a flawlessly amaing place with such a stunning view; as I looked at the sky, watched the sun, saw the old huge buildings, stood on an old roof full of beautiful details artistically made that embrace the soul with a sense of beauty, smelling the fresh air of untold stories.. I felt alive.

And trust me, I can not tell you how awesomely precious it is to feel so alive even if it lasts for few seconds; hearing your heart beats sing, seeing your hair fly, feeling your eyes shine, setting your soul free. Isn't that the whole point of life?  of existence? Feeling thse moments, living those times, going to bed with an amount of unforgettable memories..

Life is small pieces of pain and joy, and if you really want to try some pieces of joy, you're going to have to take the pain ones before and after the joy ones. But, screw it, take it all, it's worth the pain.. those moments of joy are worth that unbearable pain! But for those who fear the whole thing, trust me, fear itself is the biggest kind of pain. 

So, take life as it is, let it be. Suffer and live, enjoy and grieve, BE.