I sit here having so many questions about myself after thinking that I knew it well..  Am I bad? What's the definition of bad, actually? Because I don't know if anyone would like the same black flower that I love, maybe it seems too dark to be loved.. and maybe everyone loves that pinky shirt that I hate and find it too shiny for me to wear.. Is there a definition for bad? I think the answer is, like there's no definition for good, there's also absolutely no definition of bad... Then what am I? How am I supposed to know who I am if I don't know the less; am I good or bad person.. How am I supposed to know if I'm annoying or too caring, selfish or scared of giving too much, mean or heartbroken, pessimist or protective, thoughtless or brave, boring or wise... The words are different but how can we make a difference between those things? 

I remember standing in front of the mirror somedays and thinking; I'm strong, warm-hearted, loving, smart, tough, unique, loyal... telling myself that I am something good, flawed but good, and what I liked the most about myself is that I was the kind of person who did their best not to hurt people..

Now I stand thinking that I spent yeas hurting myself without realising it, that's disappointing enough to make me think that I've surely done that to people too..

I have so many thoughts going on in my head, too many to be written or described

I have so many questions and thoughts to say and express, answers to tell

But I'll just keep quiet tonight, wish tomorrow is a better day, and whisper to anyone who's reading this:

No matter what you are, YOU ARE WORTHY of all the good things; of the happiness and joy, peace and fun, warmth and love, so treat yourself that way...