Even our souls leave us at our darkest moments, for example when whe have a bad sickness.. So why do we excpect people to stay forever? why do we find it heartbreaking to be left alone when you most need people? It's actually something very ordinary.

That's what humanity is about, bees notice the shining flowers, people travel to the beautiful places, people eat delicious food, animals play with the cool owner, right? Then why do we expect people to be there when we're all dark and ugly, boring and miserable? 

Deal with it, get it, understand it, people come and go, that's the way things work, that's how we're born, and you can't sit there crying over someone who behaved like a human. 

It might sound tough, but you have no choice, hold doors open for people who want to leave, and enjoy the moments with the people who didn't leave YET, but most of all, get used to facing your darkness alone, to taking your hand when you're scared and comforting your self when you're stressed, love yourself, own yourself, deal with your flaws, you're all you have, YOU ARE ALL YOU HAVE